Firefox plugins info

One of the nice things of firefox is that you can enhance it's working with plugins. These are my favourite plugins:

  • AdBlock Plus
    Removes annoying banners with your own blacklist
  • Bookmarks Sync and sort
    Synchonises your bookmarks with a (your own) FTP/WebDAV server.
  • Greasemonkey
    Removes annoyances from webpages with greasemonkey scripts.
  • Extended cookie manager
    Extended Cookie Manager detects if a website sends a cookie and shows if this cookie was blocked, allowed or only allowed for session in the statusbar of your browser. It also enables you to change the cookie permissions of websites on demand.
  • Permit cookies
    Set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing. Suggested usage: Disable cookies in Tools-Options-Privacy and only permit cookies from sites you trust.
  • RIP (remove it permanently)
    RIP is a bit like greasemonkey. You can hide annoying content. RIP makes it easy to select html based on location in the HTML.


Don't you hate it when you arrive at an experts-exchange page and that you are misleaded that you have to subscribe to see the solution while the solution is at the bottom of the page?

This greasemonkey script removes all annoying text, banners etc based on css style.

Make sure you have greasemonkey installed and then click this file to install it.

This RIP script removes all annoying text, banners etc. based on place in HTML (XPath).

Make sure you have RIP installed and import this file.